Bank Cheque

Bank Cheque

­čĹÇ What Is Cheque? ­čĹÇ

Dictionary Meaning: ÔÇťAn order to a bank to pay a stated sum from the drawer’s account, written on a specially printed form.ÔÇŁ
Check is a payment tool. Although it should be paid when given to the bank, it is used as a term in the market. Although the credit card has become widespread to be widely used due to the shape conditions and protective provisions in the laws. You may withdraw money at the bank by simply writing a cheque to self.

Also note that after drawing a check, it is only valid for three months. A check submitted for collection within three months from the date in question is marked as an ilat out-of-date check. Therefore, if you would like to write a dated check, write the date in a way that is moneyable. By definition, a cheque can be termed as a negotiable document to transfer money either in physical form or to effect inter-account transfer.

­čôî Open Cheque & Bearer Cheque ­čĺ»

The issuer of the check will fill in the name of the person to whom the withdrawal has been issued, write the amount and add the signature, and will not be able to write anything else. This kind of issuing a check is also called the carrier-type check, also known as open check or uncrossed control. The check can be transferred from the date of issuance up to three months. Checks returned are stale after three months of completion. It must be re-approved before submitting it to the bank.

­čôî A Crossed Cheque & Account Payee Cheque ­čĺ»

It is written in the same way as the bearer cheque, but the issuer specifies the account in the upper left hand corner, or it crosses twice with two parallel lines in the top right corner. The receipt of the check to the bank must be accounted for in the branch where the written amount is deposited. This is the most secure type of control.



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